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Airventure 2015 Opening Day – take home your Panther tail kit!

Airventure opening day was busy in the SPA LLC booth – N615.  Here are a few photos from throughout the day.   Dan does a wing fold demo at 10 am and 2 pm everyday. It always draws a crowd and … Continue reading

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Production Updates

We now have 8 production fuselages off the production line along with most of the welded components.  They are going through final QA and touch up before going to the powder-coat shop.  The goal is to have them there on … Continue reading

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SPA Builders and Parts Update

Things have been crazy busy, and very productive around SPA over the last few weeks. This is going to be quick update, in no particular order. Wing Kits – Builders have been working quietly through their wing kits.  They have been busy … Continue reading

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Panther Takes to the Skies with a Gaggle of RVs

Here is a short video from the Saturday hop from Haller Airpark to Reynolds Airfield. Dan and a group of pilots with RVs, known as the Dreamland Squadron, flew in formation over to our local town’s 2nd Annual Armed Forces … Continue reading

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Armed Forces Fly-In Reminder – Tomorrow

Just a quick reminder about the fly-in tomorrow. Dan and the RV fleet from Haller are planning on flying formation into the show around 11 am tomorrow morning. The show goes until 3 pm. If you are in the area … Continue reading

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Panther on the Cover of FLYER Magazine – buy your issue now!

July issue of FLYER for iPad on sale now! Digital and Print Copy available soon. Just imagine flying an aircraft that was so impressive, you just had to order one on the spot. That’s exactly the effect the superb single-seater … Continue reading

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The Future of EAA – Nature vs Nurture

I have no idea if nature vs. nurture wins the battle because in our world it seems to be both. Dan was born into an aviation family, with his Dad being a P3 pilot and was raised around it at … Continue reading

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Sun ‘N Fun 2014 Rocked for SPA!

We had a great time at SNF this year.  The traffic was good through the booth all week.  We had many familiar faces, and got to meet people we hadn’t yet put a face with their name from online chatting, … Continue reading

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Panther Builder Phil Maxson on How to Eat an Elephant

Panther production SN1 Mr Phil Maxson explains how the true “get ‘r done” r’s in us all – me included – feels about building. We have all been there – in the rat race of how to do all that … Continue reading

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100 hours in 1 year!

Dan’s out ripping the Panther around the pattern this evening after being down for two months. We have been turning the original cowling into a mold and pulling a production part off the mold. Production cowling is back on and … Continue reading

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