Airventure 2015 Opening Day – take home your Panther tail kit!

Airventure opening day was busy in the SPA LLC booth – N615. 

Here are a few photos from throughout the day. 

 Dan does a wing fold demo at 10 am and 2 pm everyday. It always draws a crowd and gets the word out that the wings do fold – you can’t tell just by looking at the airplane. 

   Our newest Panther builder Cody Abner from Texas – trying on the Panther. 

A young man who is 6’6″ tall trying on the Panther. 
That is builder Tony Spicer next to him šŸ˜‰ 

And to end the evening a Dierks Bentley concert!  

Come by and see us!  Try on the Panher for size, see the wing fold, see the Corvair 3.3L and Paul Salter’s build in progress. We have Panther shirts and hats too!  Or sign up for our gathering Wednesday night. Thinking of starting your Panther project – take home your tail kit this week!  We will even help you get it to you car/campsite.  Booth N615

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