Monthly Archives: February 2014 and GRT Avionics

  Check out the header photo at And GRT Avionics has a photo on their site too….!  Remember to come see us for all of your Avionics needs.  

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I Do Not Have Time to Build an Airplane!

Well – I beg to differ.  What can you accomplish on your EAB project in 1 hour? Consider this little story from today…. So, Dan sent an email late last night to our beta builder Bob Woolley.  It went something … Continue reading

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Panther Tail Cone

We have test fit the Panther tail cone parts and all is coming together nicely.  These are the first of the matched tool parts and we are happy with the results! We also finalized much of the fuselage this weekend … Continue reading

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Panther Fuselage Progress and Other Updates

The Panther Fuselage production welding is underway.  We have a tube kit professionally cut off of a model that Dan designed with the CNC company.  Then the tubes get fitted in the proper fixture and welded.  There a many small … Continue reading

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