KITPLANES, Parts, Thomasville and Monkeys in the Trees

KITPLANES Air to Air Photo taken at Oshkosh 2013

KITPLANES Air to Air Photo taken at Oshkosh 2013

Every year KITPLANES does a Kit Aircraft Buyer’s Guide. The printed version is condensed, and the online version is a kit buyer’s gold mine. You can do side by side comparisons and custom searches. This year the Panther has a nice write up in the KITPLANES 2014 Buyer’s Guide as one of the “New Aircraft” offered this year. Other kit offerings listed this year are the:

  • Sonex Aircraft SubSonex
  • Zenith CH 750 Cruzer
  • HP Aircraft HP-24 Sailplane
  • Airdrome Aeroplanes Spirit of St. Louis Replica
  • The Airplane Factory Sling 4
  • Rans S-20 Raven
  • SAM Aircraft SAM LS
  • Aeronchia LT-1

Each of the kits released this year bring something unique to the market. What a great layout for builders! Offerings include a personal jet, a cruising machine, a sail plane, some retro options and some speed demons! The price range is vast and the compromises are too. What this boils down to is this – if you are in the market for a kit airplane, you have a vast buffet of choices to choose from. What a great year to be looking for your next project!

The photo shown above was taken by the photography team for KITPLANES at Oshkosh this summer. Check out the online KITPLANES Buyer’s Guide HERE

Thomasville Fly-In 2013

We weren’t able to make the full Thomasville Fly-In, but Dan was able to fly up Saturday morning and spend the day. Paul met Dan on the flight line just after Dan landed and they setup a tent and talked Panthers all day long. It was a beautiful day for flying, and there was a great turn out. Below are some photos shot by Paul while they were there.

Thomasville 2013 - 6 Thomasville 2013 - 5 Thomasville 2013 - 4 Thomasville 2013 - 3 Thomasville 2013 - 2 DSC_2522 Thomasville 2013 - 8 Thomasville 2013 - 7

Smashing Baby, Smashing….parts that is!

Wing spar kits and ribs are under way. Our CNC shops in North East FL are busy bees producing the wing spars, ribs and skins for us. We have also started our second batch of tail kits! TeamPanther member Chris Smith is easing his way back into the swing of things and doing very well considering his loss. Friendship and doing what you love are some great remedies for dealing with hardships.


Panther wing rib formed on the hydro-press


Panther spar plates, hydro-press dies and misc. parts

Monkeys in trees!

We have a lot of work ahead of us to get spars out to our builders. We certainly are no strangers to hard work, but we know how to play hard too – the kids make sure of that. Yesterday afternoon they drug Dan and William Wynne out behind the hangar to play on the zip line for 5 minutes. We even got Paul up there this weekend, but I wasn’t able to catch a snap shot. Boys will always be boys!

photo6 photo5 photo4

Dan and Paul ran a dynamic vibration analyzer against the Panther this afternoon and the results were within the published limits. This is, of course, assuming the dynamic vibration analyzer is accurate. Our local Panther test pilot – Bob Woolley – got his hands on this little gem. Dan is considering running another one against the Panther to verify.

photo9 photo8 photo7

The next ten days are going to be dedicated to getting parts prepped for shipping out to Panther wing builders, getting more documentation completed and prepping for Barnwell, SC Corvair College. Don’t forget – Veteran’s Day Weekend the Panther will be at KBNL airport and all Panther enthusiasts are invited to join us!


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2 Responses to KITPLANES, Parts, Thomasville and Monkeys in the Trees

  1. Tony Spicer says:

    How about you keep Dan off the clothesline until after his designer duties have been completed?


  2. joe says:

    Rachel, In the west palm Post they have a picture of a panther being released into the wild from a container. I believe I saw it morphing into the air. Hey great ribs.

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