Cancelling our Thomasville GA Fly-In Trip

This is a little personal for us all, but here we go…

We are cancelling our Thomasville Fly-in trip because our dearest of friends has passed and her memorial overlaps the Fly-in.

One of our own TeamPanther members has lost his wife to a long battle of cancer. Michelle, Chris Smith’s soul mate and dearest friend, have been in Vermont for the last 2 months visiting with Michelle’s very large and loving family.
Michelle passed away early this morning in Chris’s loving arms.

Dan will travel Monday evening to Vermont and travel back with Chris, getting home Saturday or Sunday. This will be a very hard trip back for Chris, and Dan is going to do his best to be there for his very best of friends through this hard time.

Dan and Chris

Dan and Chris

Dan and Chris go back a long time. They built their “Cleanexs” together and have kindred spirits like no one else. Chris and Michelle were considered the closest of family. Our boys thought of them as Uncle Chris and Aunt Michelle, and all three of our boys have shed many tears knowing that our dearest Michelle has passed. Today has been a tough day for all of us.

Cleanex and "Son of Cleanex"

Cleanex and “Son of Cleanex”

Our goal now is to get Chris home to Florida, safe and sound. Unfortunately this will prevent us from being at Thomasville. We are sincerely sorry, but hope you understand.

Rachel and Michelle

Rachel and Michelle

Please keep Chris and Michelle, and her family in your thoughts. If you can please come and see us in Barnwell, SC KBNL on Veteran’s Day Weekend, Nov. 8th-10th.

With the heaviest of hearts,

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9 Responses to Cancelling our Thomasville GA Fly-In Trip

  1. Chris Smith says:

    I don’t know what to say, other than thank you from the depths of my heart. Your support over the six years we fought the beast made it easier for both of us to endure. Your loving words provide comfort on this loneliest of nights….. Chris

  2. Jack Jackson says:

    Dan and Rachel,
    I know the difficulty that Christ is going through right now and I understand how important your support and friendship is in such times. Please convey my sympathies to Chris

  3. Steve says:

    Easy for me to say up in Minnesota with no chance to be at the Thomasville Fly-In, but you are absolutely doing the right thing!

  4. Steve says:

    …and my sympathies to Chris and to the Wesseman family.

  5. Rhonda and JHim Weseman says:

    Very heavy hearts indeed

  6. May the Lord give His peace to Chris and both families as they go through this very difficult time. My prayers are with you …

    Dale Williams

  7. Bob and Carolyn Weseman says:

    Chris, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  8. Chris Johnson says:

    Our sincere condolences to all of Michelle’s family and friends. – Chris & Trish

  9. Harold Bickford says:

    We also lost a good friend to cancer a few weeks back. While airplanes and flying have their place, relationships are what this journey is about. You’re doing this exactly right being there for Chris and in remembering Michelle.

    Harold and Edi

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